PLAAY Summit Volunteers

PLAAY Summit volunteer opportunities are for high school students with interest in health and physical activity

Friday, February 14, 12-5pm : Volunteer time 11 – 5 (11-2 & 2-5)
Saturday 7:30am – 12:30pm & 12:30pm – 5:30pm
• Lunch provided for Saturday morning and afternoon volunteers noon to 1
• 4 volunteers for each time slot

  • By typing my name in the above box, I give the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame (ASHOF), PLAAY, and Healthy Futures (HF) permission to use my/my child's video, photo, likeness, image, voice, and/or appearance as such may be embodied in any pictures, photos, video recordings, audiotapes, digital images, and the like, taken or made on behalf of the ASHOF, PLAAY, HF. I agree that these programs have complete ownership of such pictures, etc., including the entire copyright, and may use them for any purpose consistent with these missions. These uses include, but are not limited to illustrations, bulletins, exhibitions, videotapes, reprints, reproductions, publications, advertisements, and any promotional or educational materials in any medium now known or later developed, including the Internet. I acknowledge that I will not receive any compensation, etc for the use of such pictures, etc., and hereby release the ASHOF and its agents and assigns from any and all claims which arise out of or are in any way connected with such use.

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PLAAY Day Volunteers

PLAAY Day is an exciting volunteer opportunity for middle school and high school students to help lead Alaska’s youth during the shared exercise experience of PLAAY Day 2020.

Thursday, February 20, 8:30am-11am 
Volunteers are required to attend the practice session at the Special Olympics Center February 19th, 2020 6:7:30pm. Pizza provided.
      • PLAAY Day 2020 is at Special Olympics Center at 3200 Mountain View Dr.

      • Independent transportation to and from PLAAY Day is required.

      • Students are encouraged to wear school athletic gear or colors during PLAAY Day

      • Parents must agree to confirm media release for participation in PLAAY Day

      • There are 20 student volunteer opportunities for PLAAY Day 2020

Contact Wally ( for questions/more info.