PLAAY Day – February 24, 2022

PLAAY Day 2022 is “24 Hours of PLAAY!” 

PLAAY24 will begin at 12 pm AKST on Thursday February 24th from the Special Olympics Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Every hour, on the hour, PLAAY Leaders will lead a 30-minute exercise session for all to enjoy. Take part in the world’s first 24 hour shared-exercise-experience. The World needs PLAAY!



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2021 PLAAY Day Registration

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What is PLAAY Day?

Elementary-aged students participating in PLAAY Day will gather in school gyms, recreation centers, common spaces, outside or in classrooms to participate in a half hour of fun physical activity. Alaska role model athletes will lead and encourage students of all abilities through exercise routines.

Children from Ketchikan to Kaktovik will be linked via YouTube and Facebook live streaming.  A recorded video will be provided to the school in advance and available online.

When and Where?

Thursday, February 18, 2021 – all across Alaska. 10-10:30am Alaska Standard Time. The whole exercise routine will be approximately 30 minutes long. The method of participation is via Facebook live, as well as a downloadable recorded video for those who have restricted web access and/or difficult streaming after the 18th on this website. We can assist you in accommodating any and all needs.


We know about the benefits of physical activity. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve a child’s self-worth, which in turn empowers them to recognize they can make active choices for improving their health. It increases the capacity for learning, reduces the prevalence of chronic diseases associated with inactivity, increases positive behaviors, and can mitigate risks associated with depression and suicide.

Role of Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures is the signature program of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame. Over 10,000 children from almost 100 schools around the state annually participate in the Healthy Futures Challenge every year. The PLAAY Day will be integrated into the 2021 Spring Challenge, strengthening the message about the importance of being physically active and benefiting from Healthy Futures existing statewide relationships.

Who is putting this on?

Collaborators represented on the PLAAY Day planning committee include Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Anchorage School District, Bristol Bay Native Corporation, The Children’s Hospital at Providence, Play Every Day Campaign, Special Olympics Alaska, Alaska’s Best Water, University of Alaska Anchorage, The Dome, and other physical activity supporters.

Who can participate?

You can register as a classroom, an entire school, or homeschool child/homeschool organization. We are trying to accommodate various spaces and adapting exercises for a group activity with limited space and for all physical levels.

What will I need?

Adequate space in a typical classroom for a body length of each participant- some exercises will be on the floor. Easy and quick access to water or water bottles as we have a 1-minute rest/water break 1/3 way through routine. The technology required to connect to audio, video or both (as you see fit).

How do I participate on the day of the event?

PLAAY Day will be broadcast from the Dome in Anchorage. Schools, classrooms and homeschoolers will be able to watch live if they have adequate Internet access/streaming ability. If not, we can send you a link to download the video of the recorded exercises after PLAAY Day. We will soon be testing out the live streaming and will send registered participants detailed instructions on how to join.

What are the types of exercises?

– The exercises are designed to take place in an average-sized classroom setting, some teachers or schools might attempt to participate/gather in a larger setting such as a gymnasium/auditorium if available/appropriate.
– Join our activity instructors as we Exercise Leadership with exercises featuring sports/super heroes and presidents.
– Each exercise will last approximately 1 minute in length.
– Each exercise will start with a beginners/basic technique and progress to more advanced techniques, as students are able. Teachers, please encourage students to participate at their appropriate level of their functional ability. Our intent is to show modifications for all levels.
– We will have an adaptive physical education teacher helping guide these exercises for adaptive PE students.

More questions?

Email PLAAY director Wallace Wilson at or Alaska Sports Hall of Fame executive director Harlow Robinson


PLAAY is possible with generous support from our sponsors.