Thank you for your interest in being a PLAAY Community Partner!

PLAAY Day is a Live 30 minute exercise session with children and leaders in Alaska and beyond! Fill out the following donation form and we will follow up with instructions for joining us for PLAAY Day 2020! 

What: Join a LIVE broadcast of physical activity routine with your coworkers! Participate in advanced, moderate, low-impact, or adaptive exercises.

When: Thursday, February 20th, 2020 at 10a.m., AST.

Where: Your workplace! Exercises are desiged for the work place setting. All you need is body-sized space area for each participant.

Register: Scroll down and fill out the information: your workplace will receive the live link to participate and a how-to guide.

Thanks for supporting PLAAY. An initiative of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame, PLAAY works with Alaska’s children and community leaders to emphasize physical activity in addressing health and wellness. Your company name and photo will appear on the credits at the end of PLAAY Day reaching thousands of Alaskans across the state and beyond!