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PLAAY Summit

A Conference for Leaders of Youth

PLAAY Summit is taking a year off- see you in 2022!​

The PLAAY Summit provides teachers, social workers, parents, medical professionals, coaches, administrators and other leaders of youth with a conference to address the multi-factorial areas of adolescent health with emphasis on the importance of physical activity. #ExerciseLeadership


A Half Hour of Synchronized Activity

February 18th, 2021

PLAAY Day is Alaska’s first simultaneous physical activity event. Schools and organizations from across the state will engage elementary students and community partners in a half hour of organized — and synchronized — physical activity.

Happy January from PLAAY!

We are excited to announce our PLAAY-“Exercises of the Week” (EOTW) Sessions taking place each Thursday at 10 am AKST. We are at varied-locations throughout Anchorage and we are broadcasting “Live” via Facebook. If you want to join us “in-person: please let us know so we can plan for new participants. If you are at home, or in the classroom, join us “Live” or exercise in your home setting at your convenience. All sessions are recorded and on our webpage to watch at your convenience.

The importance of PLAAY has never been more evident. We as adults can be the best-advocates to ensure that children are regularly participating in a consistent exercise program and practicing healthy-habits for Healthy Futures!

We have decided to cancel the PLAAY SuMMit for 2021. We are looking forward to significant growth in 2022 and we hope to see you “in person” or “on-line” for the 2022 PLAAY SuMMit.


We appreciate you visiting our site.

Wallace Wilson, PLAAY Director

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