Positive Leadership for Active Alaska Youth


PLAAY Summit

A Conference for Leaders of Youth

February 22-23, 2019

Featuring a slate of field experts from around the state, the PLAAY Summit provides teachers, parents, nurses, coaches, administrators and other leaders of youth with a conference to address the multi-factorial areas of adolescent health.


A Half Hour of Synchronized Activity

February 21, 2019

PLAAY Day is Alaska’s first simultaneous student physical activity event. Schools and other organizations from across the state will engage elementary students in a half hour of organized — and synchronized — physical activity.

PLAAY Community Panel

Special Guest Dr. Michael Yogman will be joined at Alaska Pacific University Grant Hall by a panel of local professionals and moderator Dr. Lily Lou to discuss the importance of physical activity and play for our youth and community health. Event is free and open to the public. No registration required. Seating limited. Professional contact hours available per approval.

Happy December and Welcome to PLAAY!
Firstly, a HUGE Thanks to ALL those in Anchorage and surrounding communities who provided support in the aftermath of the earthquake on November 30th. Our community works and breathes the mantra: “We Shall Overcome.” 
PLAAY Day is ready to roll! We will be broadcasting from the Special Olympics Center in Mountain View on Feb 21st at 10 am. We are working with local and state media companies to maximize our potential to reach any and all schools or communities that want to participate. We’ll release a media guide and “on-line” instructions beginning in January to walk everyone”through the process” of getting registered and rehearsed for PD’19!  The theme for PD’19 is “Exercise Leadership.”
PLAAY SuMMit will be Amazing!
We have EXCITING News…Dr. Michael Yogman from Harvard Medical School, Department of Pediatrics and Yogman Pediatrics will be our Keynote Speaker and guest for PLAAY SuMMit 2019! Dr. Yogman and his co-authors recently published “The Power of Play: A Pediatric Role in Enhancing Development in Young Children.” 
Anchorage residents will have a couple of opportunities to hear him speak while in Anchorage.
We have another Outstanding agenda of local professionals as well to present at PS ’19. We have a limited capacity of 90 attendees for PS ’19 so make sure and get registered asap.
Thank you for taking time to visit the PLAAY page and we hope to see you in February.

Wallace Wilson, PLAAY Director

PLAAY is possible with generous support from our sponsors.

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