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PLAAY Summit

A Conference for Leaders of Youth

PLAAY Summit is taking a year off- see you in 2023!​

The PLAAY Summit provides teachers, social workers, parents, medical professionals, coaches, administrators and other leaders of youth with a conference to address the multi-factorial areas of adolescent health with emphasis on the importance of physical activity. #ExerciseLeadership


PLAAY Day 2022 is “24 Hours of PLAAY!”

February 24th, 2022

PLAAY24 will begin at 12 pm AKST on Thursday February 24th from the Special Olympics Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Every hour, on the hour, PLAAY Leaders will lead a 30-minute exercise session for all to enjoy. Take part in the world’s first 24 hour shared-exercise-experience. The World needs PLAAY!

Happy December and Welcome to PLAAY!

Hope you will join us on our weekly “PLAAY Sessions” each Thursday at 12pm AKST. Weekly PLAAY Sessions are mostly led by UAA Kinesiology majors in the HPER (Health Physical Education and Recreation) Department. You can follow us directly on Facebook Live or watch a recorded version on our webpage at your convenience.

These weekly 30-minute sessions are a great opportunity to follow a fun-filled exercise routine led by our future healthcare leaders as well as other local talents.

We are working hard to support the dream of “24 hours of PLAAY” a.k.a. PLAAY24 in 2022! PLAAY Day will begin at 12 pm AKST on Thursday February 24th from the Special Olympics Center in Anchorage. We are actively-investigation our technological capacity to attempt what we think might be the world’s first 24- hour shared exercise experience. PLAAY24 would being at 12 pm on Thursday FEb 24th and conclude Friday February 25th at 12 pm. It is a daunting, but exciting endeavor. With PLAAY 24, “every hour, on the hour” a 30 minute exercise session will begin. We are attempting to coordinate with viewers across the globe at 12 pm in “their time zone.”

We have A LOT of work to do and we will keep you updated.

Lastly, we have decided to cancel our “in-person”PLAAY Summit for 2022. We hope 2023 provides the opportunity to come together and learn..”in person.”Thanks for visiting plaay.org and we will communicate updates regarding our hopes and aspirations for PLAAY24!


Wallace Wilson, PLAAY Director

PLAAY is possible with generous support from our sponsors.