PLAAY is an initiative of the
Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.


Education is everything. Learn to make a difference. The PLAAY Summit and PLAAY Day will help community leaders better work with Alaska’s youth to emphasize physical activity in addressing health and wellness.


February 22, 2018

A Half Hour of Synchronized Activity- The goal is to get thousands of Alaska children jumping, running, and dancing — all at once. PLAAY Day is Alaska’s first simultaneous student physical activity event. Schools and other organizations from across the state will engage elementary students in a half hour of organized — and synchronized — physical activity.


PLAAY Summit

February 23-24, 2018

A Conference for Leaders of Youth- Featuring a slate of field experts from around the state, the PLAAY Summit provides teachers, parents, nurses, coaches, administrators and other leaders of youth with a conference to address the multi-factorial areas of adolescent health. PLAAY will emphasize the importance of physical activity as a means to improving teenage health.

The conference focuses on psychological and social-emotional  development, and the creation of opportunities for education and training of adult leaders who work with children.

Positive Leadership for Active Alaska Youth

Wally Wilson, PLAAY Director

Greetings from PLAAY,

We are thankful for your interest and support of PLAAY Day and PLAAY Summit. What a long way we’ve come since the first days of the Coaches Clinic in 2009. PLAAY has evolved to a highly collaborative endeavor to celebrate and address the many facets of health an leadership for our youth.

This year we will begin with PLAAY Day on February 23 at 10 am. It will be Alaska’s first simultaneous and coordinated live-exercise session broadcast from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) headquarters on the Anchorage campus. As of this writing, we have 92 schools registered to participate in PLAAY Day These 92 schools will likely include over 10,000 Alaskan students K-6 as well as support faculty and staff.

The technological challenges to implement PLAAY Day are significant but worth all the effort to make it happen. We are enthusiastically… “Pushing the envelope!”

PLAAY Summit, begins the following day at noon on Friday, February 24th. PLAAY Summit is our educational platform which provides an opportunity to “Reach and Teach” those who teach, mentor and lead our Alaska youth. The Summit will also originate on the ANTHC campus and provides the opportunity to reach remote communities via teleconference.

Our organizing committee and our sponsors have all gone “above and beyond” at every step in this process. It has been an absolute pleasure and an honor to be part of this team.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you’ll take time to join us in PLAAY on February 23-25th, 2017.


Director of PLAAY
~coolest title in AK~


The PLAAY initiative is made possible with generous support from:

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Want to Be A PLAAY Sponsor?

Those sponsors providing $1500 or more will be major sponsors with large logos and prime placement on all media. Sponsors of $500 or more value to the PLAAY initiative will be recognized by:

  • Logo placement on digital media including webpage & social media for PLAAY Day and PLAAY Summit
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